Helping businesses recycle computer equipment

Helping businesses recycle computer equipment

Electronic waste recycling services

We specialise in electronic waste recycling for businesses, schools, organisations, companies, and government clients. We do aim for a cost neutral recycling solution, but please contact us for a quotation today. Unfortunately we are unable to assist private households customers recycle their electronic waste.

Collection & recycling of ewaste

We offer a collection service for electronic waste from your premises. This service is often free of charge, depending on quantity and quality of equipment. Difficulty of collection is also considered when supplying a quotation.

Serial number reporting - Asset tag reporting

Capturing serial numbers and asset tags of removed equipment is another service we offer. Finance departments often require reporting to be able to remove assets from their asset registries.

Data destruction with destruction certificate

We offer data destruction services for any device with a hard disk drive. Destruction is done in two separate ways, data destruction via data wiping software or physical destruction via mechanical shredder. All data destruction services includes a destruction certificate as proof of completion.

Collection Request Form

* Pricing will be confirmed before collection.

Some of the services we offer include:

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Does your company have redundant computers for disposal?

Electronic computer waste is one of the fastest growing categories of waste worldwide. Companies find themselves having to replace equipment more and more frequently due to the rapid release of new technology. This causes a rather new age problem, how do you recycle the old computer equipment?

The computer recycling guys can assist your business with the safe collection and disposal of any redundant IT assets. We do understand the requirements of our corporate customers, and are able to offer multiple services to cover most requests.

We do try our best to offer a cost neutral situation for most collections, but please do contact us to obtain a quotation for the services you require.

We look forward to helping your organisation with its computer recycling needs.

Equipment we collect:

Equipment we collect:

Our Services

The easiest way to recycle your redundant IT equipment
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Onsite collection of computer equipment

We are able to collect redundant equipment directly from your premises, we are also able to dismantle and de-rack equipment when it is required.

Another option is onsite bin placement, we can place a lockable 240 liter or 660 liter bin onsite at your location.

We do offer our ewaste collection service for businesses within a 20 km range of Brisbane city.

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Asset tag or serial number reporting

We understand the need for removing IT equipment from your asset registry, that is why we are able to assist by supplying a report of serial numbers or asset tags of the collected equipment.

A wireless barcode scanner helps us to record serial numbers or asset tags accurately. Please inquire for more details and pricing for this service.

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Computer equipment assessment

All computer equipment will be assessed and separated into different categories.

Computer equipment which is not too old will be tested and salvaged for parts. Working equipment will be refurbished and re-purposed.

Hard drives will be removed, and recycled by a downstream metal recycling facility.

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Hard drive destruction

We are able to physically crush all types of hard drives, including SATA, SAS, SSD, and M.2 Drives.

The two step process includes piercing the drives platter with a press device, and processing them through an industrial shredder for metal recovery.

We are able to physically crush hard drives onsite at your premesis or at our facility. Please inquire for pricing on our onsite hard drive destruction service.

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What we believe in

We believe that recycling of discarded computer equipment should not be difficult for customers. That is why we have taken all steps necessary to make the process or recycling as effortless as possible.

Our mission is to encourage businesses to recycle their electronic waste by offering them a complete all in one information technology recycling solution.

Let us take the leg work out of your business computer recycling. We are very adaptable to our clients needs, and attempt to accommodate all requests. Let us remove hard drives, scan serial numbers, remove equipment from storerooms, and even de-rack decommissioned servers. All you need to do is supervise while we do all the heavy lifting.

We even make it easy for your finance department to remove items from your asset register, this is done by providing a list of serial numbers or asset tags of the equipment once the collection is complete.

Electronic waste is the largest growing waste stream in the world as of 2019. This is why it is important for companies to have the right recycling process in place to assist with this problem.